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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Do you need a liquid repellent nano-coating for your smartphone?

If you've ever dropped your phone in water, don't feel ashamed, you're not alone. 

A recent survey by P2i (details coming out in a press release soon) showed that 43 per cent of us have suffered from accidental water damage. 

We asked people in the UK to tell us the story of how they managed this feat, and created a countdown of our ten favorite responses:

10. Was on a water ride at a theme park 
9. I accidently left it outside then it rained 
8. It dropped into a puddle as I got out of my car  
7. Opening a new bottle of cider caused it to fountain over everything on the table 
6. I knocked a jar of gherkins over it, death by vinegar! 
5. Dropped it into the kitchen sink full of washing up 
4. While I was washing my hair the mobile started ringing and I put it to my ear and water got in it. 
3. I was trying to make it up to my wife for upsetting her so I said I would wash our windows. Out came the bucket of warm water and as I bent over to get the cloth… plop out of my top pocket, my phone fell in the water. To top it off my wife was still mad with me.
2. Packing for a camping trip, I packed some eggs. Long story short; the carton got squashed and liquid egg filled my bag, including the pocket holding my phone.
1. Thinking it was a biscuit, I dunked it into a cup of tea.

Think you have an even better story to tell?
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